As I’ve always said, I’m not really a New Year’s Eve kind of girl (though I should be, as it’s our ‘dating’ anniversary!). But I always feel I can’t see a year out without posting a little blog or something about it.

Phil and I always laugh, and say that it shouldn’t be ‘Happy New Year’ - it should be ‘congrats on surviving the past year!’. And I couldn’t agree with that more, especially with some crazy things that have happened this year.

I am absolutely LOVING seeing everyone’s throwbacks of the year on social media, and of the decade too! It’s amazing! Though it does make me giggle that people are surprised how much has happened/changed in a decade!

10 years is such a long time. And so much has happened for me in that time too! I’ll give a very brief rundown of the ‘highlights’ (and some lowlights) of the 2010’s for me!

2010: GCSE Year / Met Phil.

2011: Some of our last proper memories with Dad.

2012: A-Level Year / Got Engaged, Lost my Dad / Started University.

2013: just the same old... 🙊

2014: Phil graduated University / We got Married!!

2015: Graduation / Once in a Lifetime Trip to Canada / found out we were expecting Emilia!

2016: Emilia was born... enough said!

2017: Incredible trip to Mexico with Phil’s colleagues.

2018: Bought our First Home.

And as for 2019... wow! What an intense year!

The year started off pretty normal, and quite pleasant. Birthdays, Cousin’s Wedding, Eileen’s Retirement, Hen Parties, Bestie’s Wedding...

Until, slowly but surely, different things started to go... to pot!

We found our we were expecting Jellybean in June - which quickly resulted in severe morning sickness (I’m talking all day, everyday projectile vomiting!), a threatened miscarriage (unexplained bleeding before 12 weeks, twice!) & illness after illness for me (pregnancy related & non-pregnancy related!).

In September, my mum was diagnosed with a (huge!) Brain Tumour that was pushing so hard on her brain stem that it was causing massive issues & needed to be removed immediately!

So, the last 4 months of this year have been hard work! Taking each day as it comes! Overcoming pregnancy battles, CFS/ME setbacks and caring for my mum.

We did end the year a happier note - celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary (oh, & booking Emilia’s Birthday Trip Away!).

I know deep down how incredibly blessed we are as a family to be welcoming our little Jellybean into the world in just a few short months.

And, as importantly, how incredibly blessed we are to still have my (kick-ass!) mum still with us after a double brain surgery - that, without being operated on, would’ve killed her.

But that doesn’t mean that life isn’t hard - even when you pray so hard for things to happen (like pregnancy).

It just goes to show that you never truly know what is around the corner. But just because we make our own plans, doesn’t mean that life/God doesn’t have another plan for your life too. And we have to be willing to accept the little detours that life May throw at us.

Praying for an incredible 2020 for you all. I am praying for peace, health & wisdom to be lavished on me this year. How about you?