Mid-2017, I published my Bucket List here on my blog. It started off with about 25 things I hoped to achieve, and I have been adding to it along the way. I explained how I'd blog about some of the items on my list as I/We ticked them off over the years.

Well, here we have it... Bucket List Update 1!

For those who know me well, will know that I love spending hours scrolling through Instagram & Pinterest, oogling over beautiful homes and interiors. I'd save all the amazing ideas I'd seen, ready for the day that I could use them within my own home. I follow soooo many Home Interior accounts on Instagram, I could loose hours of the day just sifting through them all. I even mentioned my love of interiors in another recent blog post. I don't have many hobbies, but being house proud is one of them.

Which is why, sat here writing this blog post, I am BEAMING from ear to ear. It's the day that I can finally share with my family & friends (and have marked on my blog), that my amazing husband, beautiful daughter and I have bought our 1st home!

Buying a house has a loooong, boring, drawn out process (with a LOT of cost behind it!) - even me, who has buckets of patience, found myself growing more and more impatient for Exchange Day to arrive! But it's finally here & we have the keys to Our Awesome First Family Home!

Bucket List #11: Check! 

Please keep checking back to my blog to see the progress of making our house our home. We're so super excited to share this adventure with you all. Oh, and... the invite for the house warming will be in the post soon! ;)