One of my favourite things about having a blog, and one of the reasons I started one, is being able to look back on certain times in my life and having memories from particular moments in time - highs and lows. Everything that happens shapes my life. Since buying our first home, I knew I wanted to document the changes we make to it so we can see how far we have come when we look back on it over the next few years. I love the fact that, one day, Emilia (whom has now named herself 'Lila') may be interested to see what our house looked like, or what happened at her birthday parties, etc.

So, less waffle & more sharing! Here is a little photo-log of the journey taken to make our master bedroom the luxurious, calming space that it is! Links added where I can too! Helpful Hughesyyyy :)

When we started, it was coffee & beige coloured walls, wood-effect laminate flooring, vertical blinds, stained curtains and... well that was about it. Nothing about it screamed luxury, but I knew it had sooooo much potential! And not to mention my impeccable taste in decor ;) HA!

I have been really into The Minimalists and, in particular, Matt D'Avella (check him out!) at the moment - and I knew that I wanted to keep our bedroom quite minimalist and simple. So we stripped the entire room back to the original plaster and had it freshly skim-plastered - a nice blank canvas for our project!

Once the plastering was complete, Phil was able to get to work (with the help of his parents)! A mist coat was applied before the emulsion paint to help the fresh plaster cope with the thick paint.

PAINT (below): Dulux Sapphire Salute (navy) & Dulux Polished Pebble (grey).

FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES (above): Bed Frame, IKEA; Bedside Tables, IKEA; Wardrobes, IKEA; Canvas Picture, Your Perfect Canvas; Photograph Frame w/photo, Venture Studios; Light Shade, Amazon; Phillips Hue Light Switch (compatible bulb needed), Amazon.

We opted for the PAX Wardrobes from IKEA - they are extremely customisable! Perfect for my fussy hubby ;)

We each have 1 full wardrobe, which we chose our own layout for. Phil has a trouser hanger in his, with half sized drawers (the top of which acts as a mini 'dressing table' for him). I opted for full width drawers - more folded clothes! (And I do use the top of it as a bit of a dresser/personal space too).

FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES (above): Dressing Table, IKEA; Chair, IKEA; Curtains, Amazon.

Overall, I am SO SO SO happy with how our bedroom has turned out. It is our quiet little sanctuary. No clutter, no nick nacks - just a calm and beautiful room. Our first, fully completed, project in our beautiful first home - Our Master Bedroom.

IMG 0038