This year was going to be the best planned Birthday for Emilia - she‘s so aware of what birthdays are about now, she has just become a big sister and she’s starting school in September. So we’d planned our last term time holiday... Disneyland Paris! She was going to spend the day as a real princess.

But, sadly, the day never came (even though we battled with a 1 week old baby to get a passport photograph done!). Instead, it was to be a Lockdown Birthday!

I scoured the loft for any decorations I could find, ordered lots of last minute gifts (Disneyland was her present!), picked up some snacks and party tableware from Sainsbury’s and I did my best.

Much to my surprise, all Emilia could say - over and over again, all day - was ‘this is definitely the best birthday ever!’. It melted my heart. My beautiful, thoughtful little 4 year old was just so super happy to have her mummy, daddy and baby sister with her, having an indoor picnic and playing games. Lots of family time. She couldn’t care (much!) that we weren’t at Disneyland. She said ‘it’s okay Mummy, we’ll just go when the germs are gone and everyone is better’. My kid, what an inspiration!

As I’ve done every year so far, here is Emilia’s Birthday Video!