There I was, completely alone yet surrounded by people. I entered the lecture hall in awe of the amount of people that appeared before me. I found a seat near the back of the theatre where one other person accompanied the row of green, mucky seats. I sat down nervously and took my brand new pad & pencil case from my lovely leather bag. I'd bought all new stationary to celebrate my achievements, including a leather bag that had a perfect compartment for my netbook. A sudden rush of emotions overwhelmed me... I felt scared, nervous, lonely, worried but - most of all - ridiculously excited! This was the day I had been waiting for all my life! I was officially a trainee teacher, a university student and (apparently) a responsible adult! I had made it to university and I was ready for the journey ahead!

We were introduced to the lady who was to be our year leader, Jennie. She explained a few things and, as we all predicted that she was going to say, finished with "I promise you, your time at Edge Hill will fly by! It'll be over before you know it!" ... Pfft, yeah alright! That's what everyone says!

* * * * *

I stood outside the front of the school, my notebooks in my bag, my CRB check in hand, photograph ID in my purse. I walked towards the door, my heart pounding out of my chest. "Hello, I'm Elizabeth Barrett. I'm a student teacher from Edge Hill University. I spoke to you on the phone". "Hello Elizabeth, lovely to meet you! Welcome to our school!"

* * * * *

I arrived at school one frosty Monday morning for my first day of my blocked time at the school (until now, I had only done 1 day a week). I did the usual things - got out my notebook, pen and observation sheets, put my bag & coat in the store cupboard, went over to the staff room and made a cup of tea and settled myself into the classroom - just as I did every week... But then something unpredictable happened...

"Mrs England isn't in today, she's left instructions for what needs to be done." says a Teaching Assistant that I hadn't met before. "You have a supply teacher with you this morning, there's a new teacher in this afternoon". The Class Teaching Assistant (my "colleague") handed me a copy of the notes that had been left by Angela. It read: "Elizabeth - I've informed everyone that there is a new teacher in Reception Class this afternoon - you are to take control. The children need to know you're the teacher by next week!"

An overwhelming sensation of nerves came over me, followed by excitement and pride. Following that, I seemed to have froze.. "Wait? What?!". One of my colleagues reassured me, "Don't worry, Beth. It'll be fine!".

This was it... My final placement as a trainee teacher. The last time I'd be mentored by a professional.

This time next year, it'll be me... on my own... with my own class! Woah!

* * * * *

It really is true! Time really does fly! Don't let life pass you by! Live every moment.

You don't live to exist; you exist to live!*

*Elizabeth Hughes original ;)