I feel like this year has been a busy year for babies & pregnancy announcements and, quite honestly, I love it! I didn't realise you could still be broody even when you have your own little gorgeous baby! When you find out you're expecting a baby - there is an instant rush of emotions and thoughts that run thought your body. With those butterflies and joyful tears comes the sudden realisation of "oh crap, what do I need to buy?". And yes, there is a lot (even if you keep it simple!).

Here is a list of my Survival Items, that have been a life saver in Emilia's first 7 months of life (and that I guarantee I will use with the rest of my army ;) hehe). I will add links for everything and include pictures for some items too!

1.Baby's Nursery!

This may seem pretty obvious! But I do know a lot of people who have thought "oh they won't need their own room, it can wait". For me, having a room where I knew exactly where everything was kept was amazing! It had all the things I needed (most will be listed) and I knew exactly where things were. I was lucky that we'd gotten the nursery ready before Emilia's arrival, as she was ready to be in there, on her own, by 4 months old.

  1. Moses Basket.

These days, there are so many amazing ways of baby sleeping in your room. However, for us, an old fashioned Moses Basket was best. We had it positioned at the bottom of the bed and, that way, we were both able to see to Emilia throughout the night. The only down side for us was that she grew out of it very quickly! [ Moses Basket: Amazon (stand bought separately) ]

  1. Sit 'n' Relax Chair.

This was a God send! We had Emilia's sit'n'relax from when she was about 6 days old (we were in hospital until day 5). She used it for sleeping in downstairs (getting her used to different sleeping/napping environments) and is now using the highchair for her meal times and independent time. She has loved it since day one! The fact it is suitable from birth to ~4 years is incredible! Definitely worth investing in! [ Sit'n'Relax Chair: Superdrug ]

  1. Changing Table & Bath Combo.

When we found out we were expecting Emilia, I hadn't long had a procedure performed on my hips to strengthen the joints - so when it came to thinking about bathing, I was a bit concerned (our bath is a big, deep spa bath and I knew it wasn't suitable). When you lovely Auntie & Uncle asked what we'd like for Emilia, I knew exactly what to say! My mum had told me how amazing it was for her, as you stand to bath the baby, and the changing table is on the top. The storage compartments are so handy for essentials like nappies or towels after bathing. I have never looked back! I am actually heartbroken that Emilia is starting to get to big to lie in the bath (however, once she is sitting confidently on her own, it'll be fine again!). [ Combo: My Child Changing Table ]

They are the 'big things' I would say have been amazing. Now I will list some of the simple things that have helped us along the way!

  1. Baby Carrier - we have National Trust and WWF memberships, so love to walk in the woods and things; places that aren't always great for the pram! So having the carrier has been great! Emilia loves it too as she gets to look around at everything!
  2. Changing Bag - yes I know, seems pretty obvious! However... my Mum bought me a lovely, neat, Winnie the Pooh bag to go with the pram she bought us. It was fab. However, by the time Emilia was 5 months and weaning/wanted her own toys constantly, we outgrew it. I still have it for when she doesn't need as much (in the future) but a BIGGER bag is a must!
  3. Sleeping Bag - Emilia hated being swaddled. She likes to be free to move as she wants too, and sleep on her tummy (as well as crawl up the cot of a night!); so we invested in a simple sleeping bag. She loves it! Keeps her warm but she's able to move as she wants too.
  4. Spare Bouncer - YES! We have bouncers & chairs in near enough every room. But having a simple one that can move around has been great. I can put Emilia in it when I do my hair, or when I'm showering, or even just to make the bed. That way, she can't get into any trouble!
  5. Electric Steriliser Set - Back when I was a baby, my mum used sterilising fluid to clean my bottles. We found a Tommee Tippee electric steam one on offer and it's been awesome! Wash the bottles in hot soapy water, then throw them into the steriliser and it does all the hard work. Given that the lid is kept on properly throughout, they are sterile for 24 hrs!
  6. Save on space! We don't have a huge house, and Emilia's room is such an odd space; so we have shelves and hanging bars instead of a wardrobe, Bath Combo, simple storage, etc.
So, I hope those little points help a bit! Leave comments if there's any questions are other Mummy Blogs you'd like to see!

To those of you whom have babies - what's helped you?

To those awaiting their babies - what have you looked into getting to help you?!

Enjoy every moment with your little ones! They grow up too quickly!