As a person who suffers with 'Coulrophobia', this whole 'Killer Clown' phenomenon is turning into my worst nightmare. I jokingly said to my mum that if she saw a clown, she had to run it over but I'd bail her out of prison. But joking aside, it's a pretty pathetic, not to mention sickening, idea of a joke. But that's not all! Halloween in general is getting pretty out of hand!

Thinking up this post came after a good friend posted this article on Facebook. It really got me thinking! Following that, I had already planned to talk to our Brownie unit about the same topic, and my opinion on it.

I'm going to paraphrase both the article and what I talked to the Brownies about, to - hopefully - get you to see my point of view and understand why I think the way I do.

Since as young as I can remember, I have never celebrated Halloween. And, in a way, I am proud of that. As a Christian, I don't believe in celebrating evil. Instead, I celebrated the good and attended a 'Light Party' every year. It surprises me how many of my 'Christian' friends allow their children to celebrate Halloween. I mean, okay each to their own. But why throw all your morals and beliefs out of the window for one day of the year?

So, Halloween? Do you think it's harmless fun? Or can you understand why it could be seen as harmful?

All in all, Halloween sends mixed messages to children - and I'm going to explain how.

  1. Every day of the year, we teach children how to be kind and caring, not to bully or say mean things. However, for Halloween, those morals are thrown out the window. Instead of being kind and caring, 'we' allow children to celebrate evil and darkness. All for what? To walk around in the cold and collect bags of sweets?
  2. Ever heard the phrase 'Stranger Danger'? Parents and teachers alike are constantly teaching children that we shouldn't talk to strangers, not to accept gifts (including sweets) off strangers... Yet, every year, parents allow their children to knock on the doors of 'strangers' and accept sweets off of them. Mixed messages? Yup!
  3. Not only is scaring children a bit harsh, but scaring children with things that should not be seen as scary is even worse! Most costumes or decorations focus on things that are 'ugly' and 'deformed'. For example, costumes that involve realistic burns? Looking 'hideous'? Disabilities, like loosing a limb? Even simple animals like cats? Wow. That's a new low. Imagine being someone who has suffered severe burns or is disabled? How does it feel to be portrayed as 'ugly' or 'deformed'? Not nice is it?!
  4. Extending on #3, do we really want to spread the message that these things are seen as 'evil'? Disability and confidence is cheered on by so many, so why reverse their hard work?
  5. In older traditions, the costumes worn on Halloween would be burned at the end of the evening, to represent that Good always overcomes Evil. However, nowadays, the costumes and decorations are put away for the following year? Where does the Good come into this?!
I quizzed my brother on this when he visited this afternoon, and his response to the question 'What is your thoughts on Halloween?' was "meh, I don't really care about it'. But we did delve a little deeper...

Some people would argue that Halloween came about because of Christians. But I beg to differ. Halloween, also known as Hallows Eve, is the night before All Hallows Day (AKA, All Saint's Day) - just like we have Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas Day (oh, I love Christmas!). Hence why the costumes used to be burnt (as said in #5). But now the focus is on Hallows Eve (Halloween), instead of All Hallows Day. Remember the reason we have it?! Not to celebrate evil, but to celebrate and embrace the Good!

Look, this is just my opinion on Halloween. You're entitled to your own too. But just remember what messages you spend all year trying to get your children and friends to listen too. Why throw it out of the window for one night? Really, what do you gain from it?

'When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life".' - John 8:12

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