There comes a time in life when we just need to switch off to the outside world and focus on what's truly important to us, right? There's one week of every year when I get the chance to do that - Ignite. Every August, our church road trip down to Mid-Wales to spend a week in each others and God's presence. It's 5 days where I can have that 'Switch Off' Time. This year, I came to a few realisations - both related to everyday life and to my faith.

I want to share my 'revelations' with you!

  1. Life shouldn't be lived through Social Media!
Those who have been to Cefn Lea will know that it is notorious for having no signal and very weak (and over crowded) WiFi - there's one corner where you can get a decent WiFi signal, which I have officially named 'Anti-Social Corner'... because every one who sits there becomes glued to their phones! I vowed that, this year, I was not going to touch my phone all week - at the end of the day, the people I really needed to speak to were with me anyway! It also made me realise a VERY important thing... If someone wanted me to know something - they were expecting a baby, they were moving house, they had received a promotion - they would text ME! They wouldn't post it on Facebook in hope I see it; they'd contact me directly! The 'stuff' that we post of Social Media isn't always the highs of life! Have a conversation with someone! Don't just rely on the thumbs up or hearts on a screen! Contact the people you care about!
  1. Disconnect from what you don't need, reconnect with what you do!

There were a few things that struck a chord with me this week - including disconnecting and reconnecting. If something, or someone, isn't bringing you happiness or being helpful - maybe there's an old friend who only contacts you when they need something, or there's a group you attend that isn't fun for you anymore - disconnect from it! You don't need 'bad' things holding you down! On the other hand, is there someone you need to make a connection with - professionally or as a friend? Is there a Parent Toddler group you'd like to attend to find friends your own age/in similar situations? Is there an old friend who could help you out with something? Do it! Build on those relationships & keep them strong! I have reconnected with two old childhood friends in the past few weeks - unfortunately, it's been because of 'illnesses' we both have, but fortunately, they're people I already trust and know I can talk to about it! Drop whatever is holding you back, and pick up those who will help you to spring forward! 

3. I never want to be someone who wallows in self pity!

Another thing that stuck a chord with me this week was related to Anxiety & Fear and Testimony. Firstly, did you know the bible says 'Fear Not' or 'Do Not Be Afraid' 366 times? That's one for every day of the year, including a leap year! Awesome, right? Don't get me wrong, I know it isn't that easy! But I'm still trying - if you read my post about my battle with anxiety, you'll know what I'm talking about. Another thing, said by the same speaker, was about hardship. Kevin Peat explained how, when you're going through a rough time, don't wallow in self pity and 'flaunt' it everywhere. Yes, talk to those people who can help you, and support you. But take it to God! And when God has brought you through... Look at that, you have yourself a testimony to share! 

As I mentioned, I've reconnected with old friends who have been helping me the past few days/weeks (thank you!) - but I've taken it to God. He is in control and, hopefully soon, I will be able to share that testimony with you! Until then, ditch social media as your main form of communication, ditch the people/things that are hindering your happiness, do not be afraid and LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULL!