Throughout our lives, there are times we cherish, times we wish never happened, times that try and test us, and times that simply make us smile. Those times that simply make me smile are the times I think of as 'Happy Moments' - and I had a lovely, very unexpected, Happy Moment in the most random of places.

I was accompanying my mum to a hospital appointment a week or so ago. As Mum was called through to see the (rather good looking, Australian) consultant, Emilia started to get a bit overwhelmed and excited by the hustle and bustle of hospital waiting rooms. So we decided to take a stroll up and down the hospital corridor. Up, down... up, down... up, down... carrying a rather hot and bothered baby in a body carrier, as she wiggled and kicked her feet in excitement. I will admit - I was aching, I was tired and I needed a good cuppa!

I turned to walk up the corridor again. In the far distance, at the other end of the corridor, I saw a man with dark hair, glasses, in a white t-shirt and tracksuit pants, sitting in an electric wheelchair, 'driving' himself up the corridor. For those of you who know me and my family well, you'll understand why my heart sank to my toes and I gulped SO hard! Yes, that's right - from a distance, he looked identical to my father who passed away (almost) 5 years ago - who left this world in the very hospital I was stood in!

He came towards me, smiled, stopped and said 'I volunteer in the hospital. We're selling items to raise money. Would you like to buy anything?'. I smiled and reached for my purse - of course I would like too! Before I could put my brain into gear, the following words came out... "My dad used to volunteer too, except he sold celebration cards". To which this gentleman responded "He must have been a cool guy!". I smiled so hard that my cheeks hurt! I popped all the change I had into his collection tin, chose myself something from the basket and said "Thank you". The guy went on his way, shouting "Thank you, have a nice day!"

He won't know it, but he truly made me smile that day. And I couldn't stop thinking about it. Even until now, I still smile each time I think of that gentleman. Thank YOU, Mr Volunteer Guy!

Happy Moments are what I live for! Yes, times get hard. And I miss my Daddy like crazyyyyyy!

But don't those Happy Moments make everything seem worth while?