For our Wedding Day, my ever-so-lovely-but-geeky other half decided it'd be an awesome idea to have a personalised 'hashtag' for everyone to use, so that their messages/photo's/posts could be projected onto the wall of the reception venue for everyone to see. It was an awesome idea, and so lovely to see everyone's posts displayed together! The hashtag we chose was '#HappilyEverHughes'. We had such a magical day and were so blessed by the kindness and generosity of all our family and friends. I am still shocked that it has been nearly a year since our special day! (In early January, we went on our Mini Honeymoon to Center Parcs - where we had a new hashtag for our adventure... #TeamHughes Face savouring delicious food)

  • You can view a shortened version of Our Wedding Video here! *

So, just over 10 months have passed - and we're bringing back #HappilyEverHughes, except this time... It's the Extended Edition! (Yes, I agree - it sounds like a cheesy expansion pack for the Sims or something! But cheesy is allowed right now!)

So, 20th December 2015 marks our first Wedding Anniversary (Paper!) and we have some super exciting things planned. But! Not only that, two days after (22-12-15) marks the midway point of my pregnancy! That's right, you guessed it! We're expecting our first child! We're having a baby! And we are so super excited! So yes, #HappilyEverHughes Extended Edition is totally cheesy, but totally necessary!

On a serious note - as most of you may know - my life has been blessed with an abundance of miracles (including my parents classing myself and my brother as their little miracles)... And that is what our baby is to me! Another miracle and another blessing from God. You're more than likely aware that both of my parents were born with a serious, life changing disability called Spina Bifida - not that you would know, my mum resembles Super Woman 99.99% of the time! But Spina Bifida is a debilitating disability that both my mother and father face throughout their everyday lives. My dad was an inspiration to me, of how nothing can stop you achieving the goals God laid out before you. As for my mum, well she IS Super Woman... Seriously though, have you ever seen my mum and Super Woman in the same room? I thought not! So when it came to thinking about starting a family, who would a girl always turn to? Her mum! My mum has been amazing in giving me advice, explaining the chances that my baby would have this disability, and how to prevent it happening! This afternoon, me & Phil went to have our first scan. And, by the Grace of God, I'm so overwhelmed to say that (from what can be detected at this early stage) our baby is 'Practically Perfect In Every Way!' (Yes, I'm quoting Disney at you! Mary Poppin's to be exact!) Isn't God amazing!? I have been so blessed throughout my life, and this is another promise of God that has been confirmed.

One of my favourite, and most loved bible verses is Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord, "Plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." This is so true! Everything is falling into place and it couldn't be more exciting!

I won't bore you with the unpleasant aspects of pregnancy - like sore, ever growing boobs, eating the most random things at random times, and how many times I've had my head down the toilet or sink! However, it does happen! Therefore, your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated and very much valued! God is good, and he knows what you can handle!

Thank you all for your lovely messages, gifts and blessings so far! We are overwhelmed with your generosity once again! We can't wait for you all to meet our Little Munchkin, in May 2016!

So, #HappilyEverHughes Extended Edition is complete. To be continued... #TeamHughes Extended Edition Winking face