In true ‘me’ style, blogging is my main way of documenting the awesome (and not so awesome) things that happen in my life!

So, next up - Our Hallway Renovation!

When we bought our house, the hallway was beige with dark mahogany woodwork. Not at all to our taste!

We knew we wanted to paint the spindles, handrails and cupboards in white - the walls however, we just couldn’t not find a colour we both loved! So on a whim, I suggested grey instead. And, to our amazement, we both truly love it! (Yes it’s the same grey in our bedroom, ha!)

So we had the entire thing replastered and the painting began.

We had to use a wood base coat on the woodwork to help the gloss paint stick.

We opted for an antique white for the spindles, bottom of the cupboards and radiator. And then a dark steel grey for the handrail and doors. The walls are Dulux Pebble Grey.

The prints are the lyrics from our first dance song and are from a company called ‘Sophie Prints’.

I love it when a vision comes together.