As we creep EVER so slowly towards the end of January - the first month of a new year, a new decade - it’s always interesting to see how people’s attitudes have changed.

Everyone is always so geared up for the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ thing but, often, by the end of January, they’ve lost their enthusiasm and don’t seem to care so much.

For myself, I didn’t set any ‘New Years Resolutions’ (not a fan!) - however, I did enter 2020 with some specific ‘Good Intentions’ for the year.

Finances:- Being someone who left university to an ‘unsteady’ job situation, and has been flitting between occasional work and ‘Maternity Leave’ since - finances have always been a bit of a bug bare for me. I’ve always been incredibly blessed to have Phil be such a supportive husband in that sense.

My Good Intentions, financially, for 2020 are to focus on Personal & Family Debt. My aim is for us to be ‘Debt Free’ (bar our mortgage & car finance) by the end of 2020.

I’ll share some of how I plan to do that in a different blog.

Health:- 2019 was a hard year for me health wise, and 2020 isn’t proving to be much easier! From my conditions to pregnancy, I’ve been hit hard - physically, mentally and emotionally.

But, this year, I am praying for good health in abundance. I am making changes to make our family lifestyle healthier & happier. Simple things like cooking our meals from scratch (there’ll be a blog about that soon too!), taking regular probiotics, taking a daily walk, focusing on my mental health as much as my physical.

It’ll be a slow and steady journey - but I’m hoping to see some improvements, both to my conditions and to how my body responds to pregnancy & birth... as there isn’t long left to wait!

Family:- Isn’t family just an incredible asset to have? I have been so incredibly blessed with the beautiful family I have and I couldn’t be more appreciative and proud of them. And, very soon, our family will have a new addition too.

But, this year, I have every good intention to make EVERY minute count.

I always worry about putting everyone else’s needs first - it’s the one thing Phil says he both loves and hates about me. Because it means I forget to think about myself a lot of the time.

This year, I plan to focus a little more on what I need and, in turn, what my family needs. I won’t be afraid to say no, if whatever it is doesn’t serve me well. I won’t be afraid to ask for help if I need it. I won’t be afraid to take time for just my family. And I won’t feel the need to explain myself and my choices to others continuously.

I have all good intentions for this year, no matter what it may throw at me!

And, you may or may not be happy to hear, I also plan to blog a bit more this year too! The topics, length & style will vary. But I’m doing it for me. Follow along if you’re interested & remember to pop your email address in the box below to be reminded when I have a few blog (no spam, I promise!).

See you soon!

Beth, x