I have always wanted to be someone who enjoys cooking! And I’ve always found it hard to get into it seeing as I live with such fussy eaters! However, for one week, I bit the bullet and went for it anyway!

So, here’s our week of dinners (from the beginning of February) - made by me, mostly from scratch! Do note, photographing food is not my strong point!!

Monday: Italian Meatballs with Crusty Bread
My first recipe of the week was homemade meatballs! Yes, I made them myself! And it was actually super simple to do! The only change I made was not adding chilli flakes... feeding fussy eaters! However, I did add some veggies to the sauce too.

Next time, I think the sauce needs a little thickening & it’d be even better!

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Tuesday: Pancetta & Spinach Pasta
Ooooooh, this was a delicious one!
My own recipe: I added spinach, onion, mushrooms, peppers & pancetta to a pan and cooked it. Added passatta & seasoning. Mixed it with a pan of pasta in a serving dish, sprinkled with Parmesan, baked for 10 mins and... ta-daaaaaa! It was a big hit with us all, even with my super fussy, non veg eating husband! He loved it!

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Wednesday: Sausage & Bean Casserole
This was such a simple dish to make! Literally sausages & 2 tins of five beans (so not just baked beans, but a mix of baked beans, butter beans, kidney beans etc). I served it with potato waffles too, to fill up hungry tums! I think it could’ve been Phil’s least favourite of the week, but he gave it a go!

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Thursday: Sweet Potato Cottage Pie
A very simple take on Cottage Pie, but using half potatoes & half sweet potatoes for the mash! I have to say, I think this one was my favourite... though Emilia would not entertain it at all!

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Friday: Lasagna
I have always tried to make a good lasagna and I have always failed. And still did! So it ended up being more of a pasta bolognese bake! It was just as delicious though and we all enjoyed it! Super simple to prepare during the day (whilst Emilia was at nursery) and heat up after Emilia’s Ballet Class - healthy, filling dinner without having to cook after the after school rush!

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My favourite thing about this week: I have loved getting Emilia involved with cooking (chopping veg, stirring pans, setting the table etc), & being able to prep dinner whilst she was at nursery, making the run up to dinner time much MUCH smoother!

I’m not sure what my next blog will be, but I’m excited! Just call me Supermum ;) ha! Kidding!

See you soon,

Beth, x