How much do you love your phone? Social media? YouTube? Blogs? Could you go a day without internet connection? Nowadays, probably about 90% of people are guilty of spending way to much time looking at a screen. But are you more of a FaceTime or Face-to-Face person?

Now, for those of you who don't know, FaceTime is a piece of software on Apple Devices which allows you to video call using the internet. And, I have to admit, I love it. I remember one time when my brother and cousin were in Florida, me, my mum and my auntie decided we'd FaceTime them to say hello! Okay, maybe it wasn't the most appropriate of places... as we were sat on a couch by the toilets in Debenhams, Liverpool One. And yes, the time difference meant that it was only 7am for them! But my auntie was so fascinated that we were able to see them so clearly even though they were over 4,000 miles away! I also used FaceTime when I was in Canada with Phil; I was able to call my mum and tell her everything we were up too! I'm even guilty of using it lying in bed when Phil is downstairs because I'm too lazy to get up (I blame my ever growing bump!). But you've got to agree, nothing beats spending quality time with the people you love... Face-to-Face!

Being someone who suffers from social anxiety, socialising is not my strong point. However, I still think that there's nothing better than spending time with the people you love! Whether that's a Costa coffee (yes, that's my true addiction) or a pub lunch (I've lost hours in the pub with certain friends!) or even a lovely date night with my husband - I love it all. But what annoys me the most? When I see friends/couples/families out for a lovely treat and they're all (or the majority of them) are on their phones! Ugh! I mean why? Why make the effort to get washed, dressed, ready and travel to wherever your chosen place is; to then sit on your phone and not bother with each other? I mean, come on! You should've just stayed in bed! The amount of times that me & Phil have been on a "Date Night" and every couple around us have been on their phones. What kind of interaction is that? I have to admit, I've even "unfriended" people (for real) and stopped making plans with them because I know that they'll be more interested in their phone than what I have to say. There was one friend who I could have told I'd won £10 million on the lottery, or that their was a singing cat behind her and she would have shrugged her shoulders and said "oh right", because she was far more interested in scrolling through every social media account she had and wasn't paying a blind bit of attention to what I said!

One of my favourite times of year is when we go away with the church to conference in Wales - tucked away in the Welsh Valley where, yeah you guessed it, there is not an ounce of phone signal or internet connection! Woo, bliss! It's time out to spend time with my family and church friends and not care what pathetic or stupid things people are posting on social media! I disconnect so much that I become an alien when I get back to reality - not knowing who's done what, who's been where or even what's been in the news. But I couldn't care less - it is my favourite thing ever!

What I'm trying to say guys, is that there is a time and a place where your phone is welcome... And it isn't when you're taking time out to be with family or friends! One thing my dad used to say to me is that "no one ever wished for more time in work on their death bed"... By this he meant that, in hindsight, many people regret not spending quality time with their families - instead they put work, sports, internet etc before them!

Don't be fooled - I am not perfect, honest! I can be guilty of spending waaaaaaay to much time scrolling through photographs on Instagram, when really it can wait for a better time!

Don't be the man/woman who wishes they didn't have an addiction to their phones! Put it down and spent time with the people you love before it's too late! You'll blink and your kids will be grown up, your parents will have aged, your friends will be distant... Do something about it whilst you can! FaceTime or Face-to-face? I'd pick Face-to-Face any day! (However, do make sure you keep up to date with my blogs - that's allowed! ;) )