So, erm, where have the past two years gone?! I mean, come on! Emilia turned two! How?! Where's my ickle teeny baby gone?! Okay, yes! Every mother says it! & I always say 'well they do grow up, y'know?!' But the past two years have literally flown over! I mean, she might be starting nursery in September?! Anyway, soppy stuff over and done with - here's how we celebrated Emilia's big day this year.

In between buying our first home & moving house, we wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive. So we opted for a Garden Party at Emilia's Nanny's house. (We had hoped to use the garden at our new house but it was no where near ready!).

PARTY THEME: We opted for Jungle Animals, as Emilia absolutely LOVES animals at the moment.

THE BIRTHDAY GIRL'S OUTFIT: Sticking with the theme, I went with a safari print dress from JojoMamanBebe.

DECORATIONS: Most of the decorations you see, if not all, were from Amazon. They ranged from 27p(!!) for bunting to about £3.50 for the balloons. I opted for air filled balloons so that we didn't have to buy a helium tank. The 'Welcome To The Party' sign was from Sainsbury's.

CAKE: I am very blessed that my awesome Bestie/Emilia's Godmother, Alex, is an AMAZING cake maker & decorator. So she 'volunteered' to make Emmie's cake. It was incredible! Tasted amazing! And Emmie loved it!

PARTY FAVOURS: Last year, I made sweet cones & bought gifts (depending on age) for each child. This time, I used cupcake boxes and filled them with animal themed items & general party bag toys. Animal Biscuits, Maoam Sweets, Bubbles, Slinky, Bouncy Ball, Small Plastic Animal Figurine, Animal Finger Puppet, Animal Tattoos...

FOOD: We decided to provide food this time (last year was a picnic), so I ordered pre-made party food from M&S (YES, I'm lazy!) - sandwiches shaped like jigsaw pieces, fruit platter, vegetable sticks platter, savoury platter, churros, and then crisps & sweets.

EVERYTHING ELSE: I scattered chairs around the garden for adults to sit on, along with picnic blankets for the children - remembering to put up the Sunshade Tent to have a little cover from the sun. I had a big flexi-tub filled with outdoor toys (Thanks Mum!) like bats and balls etc.

We had an incredible day. The food was lovely, the weather was great, the company was awesome, and Emilia was one very blessed little girl! Thank you to everyone who came to share her special day with us.

Here is a little video to share & remember her special day!

Love Beth, Phil & Emilia x