With my baby girl's first birthday fast approaching, I began planning and organising a 'little' get together to celebrate her, her birthday and the awesome year that has passed. A 'little' get together turned in to a Teddy Bear's Picnic Party in the park! Our friends, Ian & Kate, organised a picnic in the park for their little boy's 2nd birthday, and we just loved it! It was so relaxed, inclusive and simply fantastic. So we knew there was no other way to celebrate Emilia's birthday, especially given it was the Bank Holiday weekend.

I know some people would say 'she's only one, she'll never remember it - you don't need to do loads!'. But, to me, it was important to make it a big day for her. I went onto Party Pieces and ordered balloons, bunting, napkins and a party headband (as opposed to a badge or hat). Oh, and I'd ordered her cake through my cousin's girlfriend.

Bank Holiday Monday came, and off we went to Walton Hall Park (Warrington). We set up the gazebo (we borrowed off friends), put the camping chairs and tables around (again, borrowed off friends), and put the blankets on the floor. Bunting was hung around the gazebo, balloons attached to one of the legs, the cake put onto one of the little tables and we were ready to enjoy the day!

The weather was beautiful - after a little shower of rain! Our family and friends joined us, and we had an awesome day. Emilia thoroughly enjoyed herself, and was spoiled with attention and gifts!

In terms of 'Party Bags', I put together Sweetie Cones with little Thank You tags on for the 3 years +, jigsaw puzzles for the 2 year olds, & a bath toy for the under 18months. Although the Sweet Cones took time to make, they worked out cheap and a fun alternative to the usual Party Bags (especially because I was unsure how many we're coming - and adults love sweets too!).

As a way of remembering the special day, and being able to show her how we celebrated her 1st birthday - I created a YouTube video of her birthday & her party. You can watch it here or press play on the video below! I have also made two other videos: Pregnancy-6months & 6months-1year (click the links to watch them too!)

Thank you so so much to everyone who made Emilia's birthday a day to remember, forever!

Love Beth, Phil & Emilia x 


Emilia's Picnic!