We live in a world where people strive to post the 'perfect' depiction of their lives on social media. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of Instagram myself. But I wouldn't dream of spending hours taking, editing and perfecting a photograph. What happened to the good old days of raw footage on a VHS? I think I have about 5 VHS tapes from my childhood - my brother's 6th birthday party (I was two years old), a church panto that my dad narrated, my 9th birthday party, my Brownie Pack Holiday and one of my dance shows. And, although it's pretty rare to find a VHS player these days (hey, Auntie Sue, I must borrow it off you, ha!), I love that it was a one-take sort of show - no editing, no re-takes, no perfection... just pure happiness and memories.

I recently watched a video by Matt D'Avella - oh you've heard of him? Yeah, I may have mentioned him a few times! - about 6 things he wish he knew/did in his 20's. And one of them was to document more! More of the mundane, more of the everyday life, more of the 'normal'. Not striving for that perfection. Just simple clips from throughout life, taking time to document where you are in life, simple pleasures not striving for perfection.

I love that I have videos of Emilia from when she was younger, and I cannot wait to embarrass show her when she's older. And I wish I had thought to document more of our journey with her rather than just documenting her!

So, here we go - my very basic, mundane and everyday sort of life update documentation.

(This is more for me, to be honest, but feel free to keep reading. I want to have something to look back on in years to come and remember how life was...)

Family Life: We are a little family of 4 (my 3 'kids' & me!). They always say getting married is like adopting an overgrown man child. Amen to the person who came up with that phrase! Then there's his shadow, Milo. And our beautiful little girl, Emilia 'Sassy Pants'. Emilia & Milo are the best of friends, they would go everywhere together if they could! Hopefully one day there'll be another little munchkin to add to the team - Emilia has already told me she'd like a brother AND a sister. Good luck with that one kid!

Home Life: We have been in our home for a little over a year now and love it more than anything! It's slowly but surely becoming our own place - putting our stamp on it at every opportunity. We have so far renovated the Hallway, Lounge, Office & Master Bedroom. Next on the list is Emilia's room - she's requested a Ballerina Bedroom with a 'big girl bed' (single bed - an upgrade from her toddler bed!).

Career & Voluntary Work: My career is currently on hold due to Health Conditions (a little on that in a minute, but I am keeping my 'finger in the pie' with voluntary work - taking on a few more roles within Girlguiding as well as working towards different qualifications. I have recently started a new group at church which I am enjoying being a part of. Hopefully more opportunities will arise soon too!

Health: My health is very up and down - I have come to terms with, and am not ashamed of, my conditions now and I am working my way through them and how other people react/perceive them! It can be a right pain in the bum, especially having to pause my teaching career because of one of them, but there's always a silver lining to every situation (and that is that I get to be the 1960's housewife I always dreamed of - keeping the house pretty & clean, bringing up Emilia and spending as much time with her as possible before she goes off to school for 15 years! Ha!)

Expectations: Going forward, I would like to get to grips with driving - I am insured on our car as a provisional driver and would really LOVE to have taken/passed my tests by the end of the year. More renovations of the home (like I said, Emilia's room is next. Maybe the garden after that?). For those who just have to keep on asking, yes we would like more children... when the time is right. We have a trip to Centre Parcs coming up in the Autumn. Maybe a little trip on a plane could come soon too! fingers crossed!

All in all - life has its ups and downs, as it does for everyone! But I am super happy and content with where life is at at the moment. Excited to see what comes our way in the near and distant future!