As a child, I always loved that we had our family traditions - mostly around Christmas time. Now that I have my beautiful daughter, I thought it’d be a lovely idea to start our own family traditions too.

Without Christmas, we wouldn’t have Easter and without Easter, we wouldn’t have Christmas. So it goes hand-in-hand to have traditions for both seasons.

On Christmas Eve, Emilia received a beautiful, personalised box filled with lots of lovely little gifts from her Nanny. I also bought one for Phil & I, to make it a whole family thing. So, I thought, why not have an Easter Box too? So, below is my simple step-by-step to how I created Emilia’s personalised crate.

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Products: Crate £8, Yellow Bucket £1, Novelty Eggs £1 per 3 or 6 pack, Hamper Shred £1, Egg Tokens 49p, Felt Stickers £1 per pack, Letters £1 each, Wreath £8, Ready Mix Paint £5 per pack, Paint Brushes £2, PVA Glue £1, The Story of Easter Book £3.99, Bunny Footprints £1 - mixture of Hobbycraft, Home Bargains & Amazon.


Paint the whole crate with a mix of PVA glue & white paint. It doesn’t have to completely cover the crate (as in make it white), it just gives it a good base to begin your design. Choose your colour/design and get to work on covering the whole crate. I chose to do 3 coats of the mint green, to make it a vibrant colour.

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Choose what colour to paint your letters. I chose a mixture of pastel colours and alternated each one. For me, pastel colours scream ‘Easter’! Fix it your letters to your crate using either PVA glue or a hot glue gun. Fill the bottom of your crate with hamper shred (or tissue paper).

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Choose your accessories/decorations for the crate and attach as desired.

Fill your crate rate with lots of lovely goodies for your lovely little person! Including gifts from family members, like Peter Rabbit from Wah-Wah (Grandma Gill), I have added in a book, wind-up toys, chocolate & sweets and some mini craft activities for her to do on Easter morning. Not to mention a bucket of novelty, fillable eggs for Emilia's Easter Egg Hunt.

Filled Crate

For Easter morning, I will place Easter Bunny feet, Tokens & Novelty Eggs (filled with yummy goodies) around the house for the fun to begin! She may only be two (well, nearly!), but she's a lover of anything sweet and hide-and-seek - so I'm sure she'll love it!


Let me know what your plans are for Easter, do you have any Easter traditions? Or is it all about the chocolate for you?