When a director is shooting their latest movie, and a particular scene doesn’t look/sound/feel the way they envisioned it, they can simply ‘reshoot’ that scene. The crew stop, regain focus, and start a fresh. They only ‘release’ what they’re truly happy with. But that’s the thing... it’s just a movie. Life itself is so totally different. Or is it?

Whether it is face-to-face or through social media, the way we portray ourselves and our lives can differ dramatically depending on who we’re sharing it with.We show the world the bits we want them them to see - like the ‘final edit of the movie’ - but how much do we show of the behind the scenes? The bloopers, outtakes, retakes...

Whenever my brother is around, there is always an in-depth conversation about a particular topic. Recently, we got talking about social media. Now, Paul isn’t much of a Social Media user - he’d probably claim he’s too busy! When I asked him why, he said “if someone really wants to get to know me, they can talk to me face-to-face!”.

On the other hand, I am someone who LOVES social media. I love seeing photographs of family & friends, making ‘insta-Friends’ with fellow mama’s, dreaming up my ideal home with full interiors... but I still don’t update my own pages much. Why? Well I guess Paul’s right, I’d like you to get to know me face-to-face - to be able to ask me how I am and not have read it on Facebook, to see my daughter and realise how much she’s grown because you haven’t seen her in a while...

In my opinion, some people OVER share on social media. It can become a daily diary, a noticeboard, a place to bring others down or too post things to purposely offend others, to criticise, to judge... others, like Paul, don’t share much at all.

But look at it this way... Just because Paul isn’t posting, doesn’t mean he’s not up to much. In fact, Paul is one of the busiest, most sociable people I know. And just because Billy-Bob is posting 100 pictures a month of his perfect family, doesn’t mean everything is perfect behind the scenes.

You never know what is going on in other people’s lives - the good or the not so good! Whether it be health, work, education, finances, family, future plans... not everything is aired for all to see. Be mindful of what people AREN’T sharing, not everything is always rosey... even if their Instagram makes their life look picture perfect. Even I’m guilty of only posting ‘the best’ photographs I take. For example, I recently posted the most adorable photograph of 3 month old Emilia as a #throwback - perfect. However, I would never have uploaded a photograph just after she had vomited all over me, herself & the couch... and yes, that happened, quite recently! #mumlife

Pray for your friends & families - thank God for the good times, ask him for help in the bad. And just be a damn good friend! Alright?!

A few inspirational people who have inspired this post*: Kate Yates (posted a lovely paragraph on Facebook recently, talking about the same thing) Anna Saccone & this Blog Post Louise Pentland & this YouTube Video

*I have had this post in mind since Mid-October, but wasn’t sure how to word it. Sometimes, you’ve just got to spit it out and hope it makes sense!