Dear Young/Teenage Self,

As we grow and get older, we're supposed to become wiser too. Now, even though we have never been the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree - some things have become clear as the years have passed. I have so much to tell you that will make your life significantly easier, more enjoyable and a lot happier - and then, when the time comes, you can teach Emilia to do the same. I do hope you’ll listen, although you probably won’t because you can be rather stubborn.

In short: You worry too much! Stress is not worth it! Life will turn out great in the end!

Until then, focus on these 5 life lessons:

Be Yourself! There's a well known saying of "Be yourself, everyone else is taken". This is so true - the only person who is good at being you is yourself! God made you perfect and you shouldn't be worrying about impressing people or what people think of you! You will be loved and accepted by the people who care about you. Everyone else... Well... They don't matter! Don't try to be someone else, don't try to become someone you're not, don't let social media ruin how you see yourself! You are beautiful in your own way! Life isn't a competition to be the thinnest, prettiest, or the best at anything... Just be who are you!

Don't let life pass you by! Enjoy your life, live it the way you want! Don't be wishing your life away by waiting for specific days, months or even years! Live in the moment! And if you want to change something... Don't wait! There's no point saying "oh I'll start that on Monday" - if you want to start, start it when the thought enters your mind! (On saying that, you will love being a mummy! ;) )

Don't be afraid of rejection! One thing that a lot of teenagers are afraid of is rejection. And it comes in many forms. Don't be afraid to reject the people who don't boost you! You don't need that negativity! Don't be afraid to be rejected either - You know that boy you've been hoping will notice you for years? Tell him how you feel! Tell everyone how you feel about them. And if you are rejected by them... It's nothing to be ashamed of! You're allowed to have feelings for people - friends, potential boyfriends, family... You have feelings and thoughts about everyone, sometimes you don't choose them yourself! People may reject how you feel, but you're still entitled to your opinions (as are they)! Just be honest! It will be rewarding in the end.

Having lots of friends isn't important! I suppose in a way, this links too 'Don't be afraid of rejection' - only keep those who encourage you and build you up around you. The rest... Get rid! It's more important to have a handful of good, true friends than lots of people who are only around for the good times. Those who stick by you through the rough times are worth keeping! There's a saying "good friends are like stars - they're always there, even when you can't see them". It's so true! Okay, parties and socialising may be fun (although, you never liked it!), but a girly night in with pizza and gossip is even better! Don't be worrying when you still have the same 2 best friends when you're my age! They're so worth keeping! Do everything you can to keep them around!

Lastly, and probably most importantly - Life isn't like in the movies! I know you're not that stupid, but seriously... Movies are movies for a reason. They're not real, fake, acting! Life is going to be hard! You're going to face a lot of trials, and you will struggle. But it also has it's ups too! You know those stupid films you loved as a young teen - The Twilight Saga, A Cinderella Story, The Perfect Man, Pitch Pefect... Yeah, well, it's all just stories! Life will be much harder! You won't like school, you won't sing your way through university, looking presentable everyday is hard, everything isn't a breeze, not everything has a 'happy ending', you won't be in a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf... Okay, maybe only the vampires and werewolves were the lie there! But, at the end of it all, you will be stronger and more courageous!

Everything you tackle makes you stronger! You are more intelligent than you thought, you are stronger than you thought, you are succeeding at life, and most importantly... Everything will work out!

Love always,

Your 22 year old (mummy!) self, x


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